Jan 01, 2019
5 Reasons Why you should Take Your Family to the Sight and Sound Theatres in Lancaster PA

On December 19, 2018 my friend, Candy, and I saw the amazing production of Jesus at the Sight and Sound Theatres in Lancaster Pennsylvania. (I want to share our experience.) We were both flabbergasted to say the least! Below are 5 reasons why you should take your family to see this show.

1. The Sight and Sound Theatres - The theater itself is absolutely stunning both inside and out. Upon my arrival, I quickly found a parking space and made my way inside. My friend was already there and waiting for me somewhere inside the theater. Before entering, I admired the beautiful Christmas decor. Did you know that there is a fountain with a lion and lamb? The fountain is beautifully decorated for Christmas with brilliant red poinsettias.

Inside is even more impressive! The last time I was at this theater was a decade ago. The show at that time was the Miracle of Christmas. Anyway, I didn't remember the establishment being so huge! Looking all around, I admired again the decor, and how everything is so beautiful. There are pretty small gardens and biblical furnishings throughout the lobby. A snack bar and gift shop too.

Although the place was full of guests and staff, it didn't seem overly crowded. Finding my friend, she gave me my ticket and we went inside the theater as show time was soon approaching.

2. Inside the Theater - Our seats were in row K on the very right side. The easiest way to explain the stage area is to say it wraps around from the left, and to the right. There was a huge balcony section as well with seating as far as your eyes can see. Comfortable seating as well.

3. On with the Show - The show began right on schedule and opened to three moving fishing boats on the water, and joyful singing. I will add that partway through the first half, one of the scenes was done completely in slow motion. Jaw dropping! I will also mention the thunderous stormy seas scene was just as breath-taking.

Kudos to all of the instructors, actors and actresses involved. There were funny scenes, as well as, very touching, emotional scenes - especially when Mary, Mother of God's son died. (Yes, I cried too.) The singing, the music, the costumes, and biblical story were amazingly well put together! We were in awe during the entire show! (Your children will love it.)

4. The Magnificent Sets - God has graced a lot of people with creativity! I can only imagine the work involved in the overall design, workmanship, and artistic vision.

From the enormous stone buildings, to the unique villages, and Jesus's tomb, to the staff in charge of making each crafted set work correctly, I would like to offer my praise for a beautiful job well done. All of your hard work is so worth it! No detail was left undone. I can imagine that there were likely a lot of sleepless nights.

I would also like to mention the animal trainers. I thought it was quite amazing as to how the birds, camels, horses, dog, and lambs knew their part(s). Yes, live animals are part of this wonderful presentation of Jesus. The animals, as well as, the actors use the isles in the theater in some of the scenes too. You really need to see this show!

I cannot forget about the orchestra! The instrumentation was truly remarkable. Kudos again!

5. God's Message -  The most important part to mention is the beautiful message that is bestowed to every single one of us. The biblical stories are touching and serve as a reminder of how we should love one another as Jesus loves us.

His love is grand. It's a love which is more powerful than anything else. Regardless of your belief, Jesus loves you!

When you pray to Jesus, he does listen. You might not get the answer you expect, but that is how his mercy works. We really need to spread his message of love and let our faith in him help us live in a world of peace, hope, and joy.

(The image was captured back in 2008 during my first outing at the Sight and Sound Theatres. Click on the image to view it in a larger size.)

Thanks and Blessings,

Cynthia L Sperko

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