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Hi! I'm Cynthia. I'm a personal brand photographer in Lancaster PA. 

Serving female creative entrepreneurs who want compelling lifestyle photography that empowers their brand & increases sales. 

It's not about boring head shots. It's about lifestyle portraiture & fun filled visuals that are full of story & energy. 

I dig deeper into your stories & capture what makes your heart smile. 


Want Story Driven Visuals that Speak to your Audience?   

Now is the perfect time to plan your branding photo experience.

Your personal brand photography experience will be scheduled when it's completely safe to do so. 

It's a scary time all around the world, but things will get better. 

Preparing yourself for what's to come will give you peace of mind and give you a head start.

Let's discuss your authentic stories, and fully prepare you for your branding experience. No payment is due until you book a session.

Want to book a free 30 minute consult? Scroll down to the contact form.

What's Included! 

In addition to a fresh supply of colorful visuals that scream personality, you'll also receive the following; 

  • Your beautiful images within 7-10 business days
  • Your own private online photo gallery for image viewing 
  • No watermarked images
  • No need to give me photo credit
  • Social media image sizing
  • Full commercial usage rights
  • Non exclusive rights to use your visuals any way you like
  • Piece of mind knowing you'll never run out of high quality visuals for your online business needs (for the recurring plans.)

Still not convinced? Let me give you an example. Let's say you own a bed & breakfast. Your day starts off like most. 

Getting breakfast cooked up, serving the delicious food, gathering around the table with your guests and enchanting them with the historic story of your beautiful inn. 

After the meal you invite your guests to take part in a unique activity, followed by mid morning tea & refreshments. This is only reflecting half of your day. 

What if you had a professional photographer to capture these moments? 

Yes, you could use your smartphone, but a branding photographer will capture your authentic story as it's happening. Each photo will be professionally edited as well.  

Use the compelling visuals to attract a new audience via social media. Each day share one storytelling image along with a few sentences & the reservation link. 

The online space is growing at the speed of light and it's not slowing down any time soon. Want to discuss your options?

Complete the form below to book your free consult. 

If you would like to experience what a personal brand photo session entails, click the black button. 


Payment is handled via Square & may be made by a valid credit card. Choose an image branding package from below. Your web browser will take you to a checkout page. Complete the form in full and follow the step by step instructions.

I want you to be completely satisfied with my photographic services. I'm not perfect and mistakes may happen during our time together. If you are not happy with my service please let me know what I can do to make things right. 

Thank you for your consideration.