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Storytelling Visuals that Connect!

Empower Your Brand Today.

Cynthia L Sperko Photography | Serving Lancaster PA & Surrounding Areas

Hello. Welcome!  

My name is Cynthia, and I'm here to help you empower your brand with images that are authentic, hold true to your values, and showcase your compelling story. 

My skills as a professional photographer range from capturing nuptials & portraits to working with creative women like yourself, who want to make a statement with your personal brand. 

Work with me to have personal brand photography that incorporates your values & vision and will take your business to five star status without breaking your budget. 

Let's plan a strategy session that focuses on building storytelling visuals that scream lifestyle & personality. 

To show that you're a five star authority, your social media feeds & website need to convey that. It won't happen with low quality selfies or outdated stock images.

Your story is the key to online business success.

Step One

Let's dig deep into your authentic stories. We'll explore your values, personal brand, and mission statement. From there, we'll take your stories and break them down into mini storytelling sessions.

Step Two

I'll teach you simple ways to share your message via high quality visuals & your story. I'll give you valuable resources to prepare you for your branding photo experience too. And answer any questions you have.

Step Three

The camera doesn't come out until you're ready. And the paperwork is signed. I have the knack of keeping you relaxed and smiling in front of the camera. My best kept posing secrets will amaze you too.


Still not sure this is for you?   

I truly believe that when our life goes back to a new normal, the need for personal brand photography is going to be in high demand! More people are working from home. Some are using this down time to build a brand for themselves in the online world. 

The more competition there is the harder it will be for you stand out from the crowd. I care about helping you create a personal brand that's uniquely yours. I am here to serve you! 

The images that you share via Facebook and Instagram are the first point of contact for your future followers. First impressions are more important that ever in this digital age. You only get 5 seconds to make that first connection count. 

"A personal brand photographer understands the type of visuals you want to showcase your brand. Sign up for my free benefit guide above to get valuable information on this subject."

Start the Process!

If you want to be added to my wait list so you may be first in line for a personal brand photography experience, complete the gray form on the bottom of this page

We can start planning your stories, get all of the paperwork in order, and prepare you for an experience that will simply amaze you. We'll book your experience when it's completely safe to do so. 

Become a Brand Ambassador! 

I'm looking for 5 amazing female business owners to try out my services for a much lower investment. 

Disclaimer - Applying is the first step. Upon acceptance, and full payment paid, we'll start planning your session. If you cancel, you'll open the spot to the next candidate in line. My work comes with a satisfaction guarantee. When the list is full, your name will be added to a wait list.

Click here to apply, and follow the instructions below; 

  • Sign up for my FREE benefit guide.
  • Read each email. (This is so you get the most out of your photo experience.)
  • Pay for your personal brand photo experience in full. (Your investment is $500 + tax for 60 visuals. You may share your branding experience with a friend. Both of you will receive 30 visuals.)
  • When your session is finished & you have received your visuals, write up a testimonial about your experience working with me.

What's Included! 

In addition to a fresh supply of colorful visuals that scream personality, you'll also receive the following; 

  • Your beautiful images within 7-10 business days. (4-6 days for brand ambassadors.)
  • Your own private online photo gallery for image viewing 
  • No watermarked images
  • No need to give me photo credit
  • Social media image sizing
  • Full commercial usage rights
  • Non exclusive rights to use your visuals any way you like
  • Be featured on my Creative Heart Blog.  (For brand ambassadors.)

The online space is growing at the speed of light and it's not slowing down any time soon. 

Your authentic story is everything in the digital age.

Let's work together. 

  • Increase your return on investment
  • Work with a pro photographer who understands your branding needs
  • Always have authentic, storytelling visuals on hand

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Payment is handled via Square & may be made by a valid credit card. Choose an image branding package from below. Your web browser will take you to a checkout page. Complete the form in full and follow the step by step instructions.

Select a plan that best fits your budget. Want to share a branding photo experience with a friend? No problem. Monthly payment plans are available too! 

I work with 4 clients per month. This is so I will have more than enough time to work with you. Schedule your consult today to work with me!

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