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Explore beautiful & historical places in America?

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Fine Art Landscape Photography

By Cynthia L Sperko              

Historic places have a deep impression on my heart. These timeless great escapes, whether Gothic cathedrals, historic homesteads, or vintage rails, allow me to capture the life of what once was.  

The adventurer in me seeks times of yesteryear while moving forward in a society where time is of the essence. Beautiful places created by God inspires me to capture breath taking landscapes that inspire peace.

Some of the scenes include the sights and sounds of Lancaster County PA, snow capped peaks found in Colorado, and scenic steam trains from history's past.

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"Each and every image of Cynthia's captures a sense of inner peace, something truly beyond a mere sense of "peaceful". They tell stories of historical import." - Michael Shull 

"Cindy’s work is wonderful, she has the ability to capture the beauty in what most would take for granted. Focusing on historic, industrial and agricultural scenes Cindy is able to convey what really makes Lancaster County and the mid-Atlantic region so unique. Having Cindy’s art in my home is a gift. I love my train photograph and I will continue to follow Cindy’s work." - Noah Melamed

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