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DSLR Photo Lessons based in Lancaster County PA!

Learning how to capture better photographs was something I wanted to do. Especially when I purchased my first digital single lens reflex camera. Little did I know that there was a strong learning curve. I had no idea what white balance was, and what the heck is a histogram?

I've been where you are. 

Would you like someone to mentor you? Help you understand how to use your DSLR in a fun and easy method?

I would like to teach you what I know. Scroll down the page to get the details.


How do I sign up?

Initially we will meet up and discuss how well you understand your DSLR. No worries if you didn't take it out of the box yet. I am here to help. Contact me here to set up your first meet up with me. There is no charge for this consult.

How much are the photo lessons?

Each lesson is $75 each. The amount of lessons that you take is up to you. I want you to enjoy yourself and have fun as you learn how to capture better photos, etc. We will be out in the field for up to 2 hours per lesson. 

How will you be teaching me?

I prefer to work one on one with you so you get the individual attention needed to excel in photography. The lessons are based on your skill level. I like the hands-on approach. No worksheets. You are welcome to take notes though. It's also a good idea to bring your camera manual. Lessons are given in Marietta, PA, unless other arrangements have been made.

How will I know when I have had enough lessons?

Since everyone's skill set is different, and learns in their own way, it's difficult to answer that question. I will teach you what I know about DSLR photography. You may stop taking lessons any time.