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My Story!

When I was a child, I was extremely shy, lacked self confidence, and was bullied constantly. The reason I was picked on was due to a speech impairment I was born with. 

Even after having 3 separate surgeries, the bullying continued, as did my shyness and lack of self esteem. It was also hard for me to pay attention in class. 

Going to a place where it was safe, quiet, and content was a place of new discovery. This little world is where my imagination ran wild & a little seed called creativity entered into it. 

The creativity gene was allowed to blossom into art projects, drawings, and writing short stories of mystery and suspense. 

The camera bug bit me during my college years. Capturing stories with my camera broke the shell and grew my self confidence dramatically. 

All it took was encouragement from my photo teacher who told me I was talented in this creative field. Without his vote of confidence, my career might have taken a different turn.

Now I use my creative talents to serve female creatives based in Lancaster County PA. I'm willing to travel to other areas too.

Feel free to browse the different pages on my website. If you are a female creative in need of personal brand photography, let's connect! 

Click the Branding link in the navigation bar to learn more.

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