Personal Brand Photography FAQS - Cynthia L Sperko Photography

Q - What is personal brand photography?

A - Personal brand photography are professional images that capture the essence of your business. These images tell your clients who you are as a business owner. The personal side of your business and yourself and staff.

Q - Okay, but I can take photos with my smartphone and share those with my clients. Why should I invest in a professional photographer?

A - As a business owner, you worked hard to make your dream come true. You finally have your own establishment and are ready to share who you are and what you do with your ideal customers. You invested a lot time and money.

Why shouldn’t you invest a little more with creative, professional photos? Let a pro handle that part of your business so you may focus your attention on other business needs.

Q - What about attire?

A - It is best to dress in solid colors. Use your own judgement, but try to keep it simple. 

Q - How much do you charge for a personal brand photo session?

A - The fee depends on your photographic needs. 

Various items are included too. In addition to the professional digital images, you will have full reign of photo usage. Social media, your online presence, hard copy, etc. 

I charge a flat rate for services rendered, plus any applicable sales tax. For 30 post processed images, the fee is $795. For 60 images $1195, and for 90 images $1895. Payment is due after the session. 

Post processing each image takes time. I will painstakingly post process each image so your images will look their very best. 

Q - What if I’m not happy with the images?

A - My photographic services come with a money back guarantee but, I have not had an unsatisfied client as of yet though.

Q - Who do I contact if I have more questions?

A - You may contact me at 717-330-8325 or by clicking the envelope icon below.

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